Argument – A Script

This is a scene I wrote for a friend for his showreel. I offer show and voice reel scripts for a small fee, please email if you are interested! Scene: We’ve entered in the middle of an argument. PERSON A  wanted to spend time with PERSON B and hoped they would be able toContinue reading “Argument – A Script”

Autumn – Prologue

This is one I was working on a while ago, I might return to it but I initially wrote it as an experiment. Enjoy! Stirring The walls, now dust, grey and battered, wind whipped scars cover the side facing the orange trees. Silence. A few fallen leaves rustle, darting along the road. Silence. A hollowContinue reading “Autumn – Prologue”

Don’t Cry, Baby! – Prologue

  Here is the prologue for my first full novel that I will be posting snipets of over the course of this week, along with my usual. Enjoy! Sunlight hits my eyes. There’s noise and pits of silence one after the other after the other. The fear makes me weep. A shadow looms over meContinue reading “Don’t Cry, Baby! – Prologue”

Tremble – A Poem

My brain singled me out today. It whispered drastic taunts, Made me follow down a line of thought That echoes in my brain. A rock thrown in a lost of caves. I did not want to hear So I screamed in silence. Can’t disrupt others. The ache of physical work Fired the ache in myContinue reading “Tremble – A Poem”

Gasping – A Poem

There is a serious tremble in the background  That leaves me still, afraid. If I could breathe it onto another But that breath blows as a hurricane And I spin heady with it. We exist but not as one. And I am Very one. Pushing through searching for us. For one, for me, For everythingContinue reading “Gasping – A Poem”