Gasping – A Poem

There is a serious tremble in the background  That leaves me still, afraid. If I could breathe it onto another But that breath blows as a hurricane And I spin heady with it. We exist but not as one. And I am Very one. Pushing through searching for us. For one, for me, For everythingContinue reading “Gasping – A Poem”

Salt and Sea – A Poem

How long do we stargaze? Boating away to some far off As dust covers us And leaves us forgotten. We exist within our own. The sea is not tranquil As we breathe in ourselves an ease That does not take to the waters. How delicate a process To wither in depths She was old andContinue reading “Salt and Sea – A Poem”

Frozen Sand- A Poem

Reaching out to touch the fading glass Of memories that have wandered past, I see myself reflected back but It is not me. Not who I thought I was. I see the faces and I hear the noise But it is all distant. A hum of  Melancholy permeates through as I Pick out the worstContinue reading “Frozen Sand- A Poem”

Manchester – A Poem

A taste of peace caresses the air, A warm necessity tenderly loving the naked. A terror had passed and like a wave had disappeared Into the sea of ambivalence . Some one is crying , Somewhere. Out in the world, a wet face begs the skies for answers, Only a cloud can whisper gentle silence. The worldContinue reading “Manchester – A Poem”

Town – A Poem

It is very easy to forget the world is there When there is just you and the smell of hot stone. A peaceful hum of industrial fans. The comfort of knowing you’re not alone, But the silent peace of having your own. A cooler breeze now caresses the skin, That the sun tasted too feverishly,Continue reading “Town – A Poem”