What She Did – A Poem

A sting cracks open her heart. A pool of guilt spills over the ruined carpet. New worlds flash into her eyes, Dark shadows linger high on the ceiling, That she once thought were angels. Now she sees they were a mistake. A catalyst of danger, The trouble of a creature lurking deep. And the painContinue reading “What She Did – A Poem”

Train – A Poem

Fuzzed up blackening blue seats crane eagerly at windows   of green and grey whirling into each other.  Vibrations confirm the world  is  passing  by. A head of oaky coloured strands  tickling unseen ears weighs a bare neck down towards the chalk of a resin table,  eager eyes caressing words that remind them of how theyContinue reading “Train – A Poem”

Ocean Mild – A Poem

Strange tides do quell in the currents.The breaks go on into a swirl of tepid bubbles,It rises. In and out and further and closer.The changing patterns forming on shredded shells,Painted rocks.Never the same, as the last waves feast,Froth writing new truths into old formed canvases.Everything moves into the same.Yet none are identical.Another wave comes. 

Tremble – A Poem

My brain singled me out today. It whispered drastic taunts, Made me follow down a line of thought That echoes in my brain. A rock thrown in a lost of caves. I did not want to hear So I screamed in silence. Can’t disrupt others. The ache of physical work Fired the ache in myContinue reading “Tremble – A Poem”