Am I – A Poem

If I were lain amongst a golden field

Would I move?

Do I retain the capability of life?

Or is just being more important?

I shut out all that is not myself

And should another seep in

A fire starts in my brain

To burn up their influence

And return I.

An I for an I.

I cannot be happy as me

I must find oblivion

For an identity.

Frozen Sand- A Poem

Reaching out to touch the fading glass

Of memories that have wandered past,

I see myself reflected back but

It is not me. Not who I thought I was.

I see the faces and I hear the noise

But it is all distant. A hum of 

Melancholy permeates through as I

Pick out the worst of days.

When I was not me but another,

Swapped with the person looking in.

Manchester – A Poem

A taste of peace caresses the air,

A warm necessity tenderly loving the naked.

A terror had passed and like a wave had disappeared

Into the sea of ambivalence .

Some one is crying ,


Out in the world, a wet face begs the skies for answers,

Only a cloud can whisper gentle silence.

The world has breathed in deeply

And let it out in a sweet plea.

No more.

No more threat of future times.

No more innocence tainted.

Love and hope stings the sunset

As the sun cries with us.

Great streams flash yellow and pink

Colouring the blood with gold

Town – A Poem

It is very easy to forget the world is there

When there is just you and the smell of hot stone.

A peaceful hum of industrial fans.

The comfort of knowing you’re not alone,

But the silent peace of having your own.

A cooler breeze now caresses the skin,

That the sun tasted too feverishly,

Leaving marks more visible than lovers.

The final belonging,

The knowing your home.

Breeze tickling hairs tickling face.

The most familiar music 

dances intricately into an evening.

More remedy than cough syrup,

More peaceful than a calamity mind

had expected or deserves

But the peace is tasted, smelt and founded.

And so I remain.

The Forest – A Poem

This is a tangled forest.

Dark water falls down,

Yet somewhere there is beauty,

And it holds my hand.

This is a danger forest,

A do not enter.

But stars shine out great comfort,

Between pricking thorns.

I must find a get out path,

To stop the poison,

That breathes in the living air,

Sweeter than honey.

Heaviness upon my chest,

And between my thighs

Holds me, the midnight silence

Beckons me to stay.