Happy New Year! – 2023 Updates

What a great start to the year already! I have 3 big projects I’m working on that I’m really excited about, I can’t say anything yet but they’re going to be great! The short film I wrote, Dosed, is a semi-finalist in the San Francisco Arthouse Short Film Festival too. It’s been doing really wellContinue reading “Happy New Year! – 2023 Updates”

October Updates

Lots of exciting stuff happening behind the scenes at the moment! Dosed went down really well and is moving onto the film festival circuit. I’m now developing two more short films with a view to growing them into TV series. I also have some articles coming out within the next week so stick around forContinue reading “October Updates”

Dosed – Script

Last night was the premiere of the short film I have written, Dosed! It was really well received, below is a portion of the script. It will be doing the festival circuit next. Enjoy! Dosed Written by Lily Portman INT. CLUB – NIGHT Loud music, lights etc. Florence and Polly partying, dancing, having a greatContinue reading “Dosed – Script”

Bouncers – An Audition Script

Below is a script written for a day-player audition. SCENE: Two men are stood, arms folded, either side of a door. They look a little bored. Bouncer 2: Is it normally this quiet? Bouncer 1: Can be. Especially on Thursdays, it’s the in-between day of students and weekenders. B2: Should pick up tomorrow then? B1:Continue reading “Bouncers – An Audition Script”

T-Shirt and a Sausage Roll – A writing exercise

Below is a writing exercise I practice where I ask my partner for a prompt word and write something based off that. Today was a t-shirt and a sausage roll. The faded blue lit up into black as the t-shirt embered its way into the past. She held in her hand the remnants of theContinue reading “T-Shirt and a Sausage Roll – A writing exercise”

Train – A Poem

Fuzzed up blackening blue seats crane eagerly at windows   of green and grey whirling into each other.  Vibrations confirm the world  is  passing  by. A head of oaky coloured strands  tickling unseen ears weighs a bare neck down towards the chalk of a resin table,  eager eyes caressing words that remind them of how theyContinue reading “Train – A Poem”