What Lies Ahead

I am so excited for 2021. There are so many good things, fantastical things, that I have to look forward to. I can’t wait to share more writing and projects with you all! I had a bit of a longer break than anticipated as I’ve been unwell, but I’ll be back on form in the new year, don’t fret your little noggin.

All in all, I have new projects coming in everyday, and it’s exciting to know how much progress and how many bucket list items I’ll have checked off when I will, no doubt, be writing another piece like this next year.

I hope you all can see the magic dust that lies just in the periphery of your life, nuzzled in by the winds of moving forward and fresh ideas. You are witchcraft. Feel it light warmth in your. You, we, are AMAZING.

L x

Published by Lilymaeportman

I'm Lily, an actor, writer & voice over artist.

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