Don’t Cry, Baby! – Prologue


Here is the prologue for my first full novel that I will be posting snipets of over the course of this week, along with my usual. Enjoy!

Sunlight hits my eyes. There’s noise and pits of silence one after the other after the other. The fear makes me weep. A shadow looms over me and I remember my darkest days when I had wanted to end it all and wonder if I had succeeded this time. The shadow gets closer and closer until I feel a hand wiping away my tears and a young girl, no older than three, with tight curls and messy teeth, breathes into my face; ‘You ok! You ok! You ok!’ My crying settles as I try to speak, but I can’t. Before I can cry again, the girl says;

‘I love my new sister!’

Holy shit.

I’m a baby.

Published by Lilymaeportman

I'm Lily, an actor, writer & voice over artist.

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