Tremble – A Poem

My brain singled me out today.

It whispered drastic taunts,

Made me follow down a line of thought

That echoes in my brain.

A rock thrown in a lost of caves.

I did not want to hear

So I screamed in silence.

Can’t disrupt others.

The ache of physical work

Fired the ache in my mind,

I wanted to beg the girl next to me;

Don’t you hear it?

Don’t you feel it?

But we worked on in a


Of desperate panic.

A tightened chest and

A scream that wants you to think it’s from the future,

When it’s really from the past.

How I am shaped from these screams,

They have corroded my solid rock formation

Leaving a worn down core,

Empty holes speckling the

once full.

Published by Lilymaeportman

I'm Lily, an actor, writer & voice over artist.

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