I am tired of the ghosts.

The ones who say they are there but you turn around only to find an echo.

I am not just another rock pool they can visit until the tide comes in.

I am filled with the lifetime of a thousand worlds,

I know secrets and magic they could only dream of

But they won’t know because they can’t see beyond a hunger

A seeping view of taking what ‘is theirs’.

I am not a green light for them when they decide.

I turn of my own accord.

I am more powerful than any of them would ever know

But they just want to see my weaknesses.

Of which there are few.

I have allowed myself to be vulnerable only to be taken advantage of.

They take what is easiest to take.

They screen up emotion because they think that’s the movie you want to see

When really you only care about who you’re watching it with.

You want to see their name in the credits, but they do too.

Published by Lilymaeportman

I'm Lily, an actor, writer & voice over artist.

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